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Educational Psychology Services

The Educational Psychology Services, responsible for the emotional welfare of the children of the Regional Council, provides psychological services on both system-wide and individual levels for the educational institutions in the Nahal Soreq Regional Council for children ages 3–15. For children studying at special needs institutions, this service is provided until age 21.

A psychologist from the SHEFAH center is paired with each educational institution, and is in direct contact with the educational-therapy staff in order to provide professional support and advance pupils emotionally and academically. This generally involves providing guidance to the school teachers / therapists and/or parents and/or treating the child and/or referring to outside treatment – whether at the local Keshet Center or at other therapeutic venues.

Correspondence with the school psychologist is performed through the school therapy personnel.

In addition, each family may contact the Educational Psychology Services for counseling on a one-time basis to come up with ways of dealing with specific needs.

We work in full collaboration with the Education and Social Services departments, and believe that through the cooperation of all of the professional organizations needed to advance pupils.

Services Provided:

  • Presence of a psychologist at the preschools to identify difficulties, providing guidance to the educational faculty and parents, and follow-up on the pupil’s progress.
  • Provides guidance to faculties in preschools and schools regarding issues pertaining to the pupil’s emotional and academic wellbeing.
  • Presence of a psychologist at elementary schools and at boys’ and girl’ high schools, assessment and treatment if necessary.
  • Intervention in crises and emergencies in the community.
  • Participation in school integration and placement committees, as required by law.
  • Provides guidance and support to families with special needs children who attend educational institutions in the Nahal Soreq Regional Council.
  • Providing the opportunity for one-time meetings for parents who apply for this service, for initial guidance and direction.
  • Collaboration with education officials and the Social Services regarding opening institutions for special needs pupils.


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