Director of Bussing, Transportation, and Scholarships for Poland:

Chana Kahane

Tel: 050-599-4098

Fax: 073-716-4235

The Nahal Soreq Regional Council in general, and its chair in particular, view Holocaust studies as a matter of great importance. For this reason, it has been decided that pupils who reside in the Regional Council who wish to go on a school trip to Poland are entitled to receive scholarships, according to fixed criteria.
To apply for a scholarship, fill out the form attached here and fax or e-mail it to Chana Kahane.

טופס שיש למלא לאחר היציאה למסע – בנוסף לטופס יש לצרף

  • אישור מבית הספר על השתתפות במסע
  • קבלה של משרד הנסיעות עבור התשלום
  • העתק ת.ז. כולל ספח