The Regional Council’s first tourism map was published in 2017 (5777). The map is useful for any tourist or visitor who wants to see the main sites in our Regional Council area and its environs.

Of course, the map can also be useful to local residents who want to familiarize themselves with all of the wonderful sites in our area—interest points, hiking paths, and various tourist attractions.

The project of publishing the map was done in collaboration with various units of the Regional Council (spokespersons, tourism, and businesses, community work, libraries), with the blessing of the Regional Council Chairman and full cooperation of the tourist industry businesses.

Have a pleasant visit!

Gis is a new format that helps make information accessible to the public. It employs a dynamic platform using geographic Internet-based apps that combine a map, text, and media such as pictures and video clips.

Each map is an app in and of itself, focused on a specific topic, and accessible on the computer, smartphone, and tablet, anywhere.

Download the map here.