Department administrator: Tova Shatz

Tel: 08-8634211

The Early Childhood Education and Preschool Department in the Regional Council strives to create an excellent and interactive system with a scholastic, high-quality, and innovative environment that facilitates each and every child’s personal development. The demographic development presents us with many challenges and forces us to be flexible to implement our vision. All this, while at the same time providing immediate solutions for opening new preschools and daycare centers and transferring them to permanent structures, enriching equipment, designing the educational environment, and devising rules and regulations.

Our activities have long-term goals and take place on several levels:

  1. Ongoing collaboration with the Ministry of Education inspector and the pedagogy counselor on integrating curricula, developing teaching methods, and holding advanced training for both veteran and new preschools. In this framework, pedagogic guidance and counseling is provided as well as in-service training and inspection.
  2. The Nahal Soreq Regional Council oversees and initiates activities to fill various needs. In this capacity, we have launched several projects over the past year:
  • Workshops and guidance for new preschool teachers to bring them to a higher level professionally and empower them to manage their preschool, with everything this involves.
  • In-service training for preschool teacher’s aids where they learn about work regulations, educational dilemmas, teamwork, and collaboration with preschool teachers.
  • Teambuilding activities as a springboard for advancing educational work. Such educational activities are provided throughout the year, while creating a positive social atmosphere in each community and among the local communities. These sessions include hands-on learning activities and evenings.
  • Kindergarten and beyond. We work closely with Broyer in order to help streamline the transition from preschool to elementary school. We hold learning workshops for kindergarten teachers with first- and second-grade teachers to promote appropriate school preparedness for first grade on the cognitive, motor, and emotional levels. Throughout the year, kindergarteners are afforded the opportunity to visit Broyer and familiarize themselves with their future school and teachers.
  • Golden Preschool. With assistance from the Ministry of Education, the Social Services Department, and the Matnas, we facilitate encounters between the preschoolers and the senior citizens, as part of a regular framework of the preschool activity, with the teacher’s guidance and support.
  • Environmental protection. We work, learn, and live in an ever-developing world. Modern life takes a considerable toll at the environment’s expense. For this reason, the Nahal Soreq Regional Council invests considerable efforts in this broad field, and the Education Department contributes to this endeavor. We launched a project to certify “Green Preschools” in 5769, and continue to expand it every year. In 5777, the regional council boasted ten such green preschools.
  • The Science Center. This early childhood enrichment center is a regional center that integrates science and art, which exposes children to a modern cultural snapshot with broad horizons. The center provides cultural enrichment and intellectual stimulation for young children and serves as a mini museum.
  • Guidance for local preschools and daycare centers, support and follow-up in the daycare centers in the areas of in-service training for the faculties, and supervision regarding pedagogical and educational issues.
  • We are privileged to run a developing education system that caters to a broad variety of families and communities. Each community has its own unique requests and needs. Our guiding vision and belief is that despite the differences among us, we focus on our commonalities and create an excellent educational system that fills everyone’s needs.
  • Parents, I invite you to keep posted on the Education Department’s activities, found on the Nahal Soreq Regional Council website.

Tova Shatz

  • Preschool Registration for 5779
  • Description of student function for preschool integration committee as of 5778
  • Questionnaire for student referral to integration/placement committee